About Company

UAVWAY The company specializes in video footage and photographs from the air.

We offer aerial photography and aerial videography  using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly drones.

We specialize in films and photographs of the drone for developers, real estate agencies, managers of hotels, guesthouses, recreational facilities and individuals.

Filmed from the air, construction works, construction sites and areas for future investments, showing the progress of the work, they are excellent material promotional advertising and control. Videos and photos of the property made the drone can be a great advertising tourist centers, parks, playgrounds, water parks, high ropes parks, marinas, hotels, and any other tourist facilities.

The equipment we possess, and permissions allow flights in sight (VLOS-visual line of sight) and out of sight (BVLOS-beyond visual line of sight). High precision filming provide both our hardware and software allow for early planning of routes and movie clips and / or images of individual objects. This allows you to plan and optimize the outlet at the stage agreed with the client.

It is possible to provide another operator to control the camera during the flight with a separate remote controller with a personal preview live video.

Flights can be done, of course, taking into account weather conditions, both outside and inside. It is possible to shoot out of the ground with stabilization on gimbal -triaxial stabilizer that provides professional quality shots.

Our prices are competitive but also depends on local conditions (difficult terrain, near trees, buildings, power lines, airspace  requiring consent) Being on the list of licensed operators PAŻP (Polish Air Navigation Services Agency) have access to the abridged procedure for obtaining permits.

We operate mainly in the Warsaw area. In the summer, also in the Masurian district.

After agreeing on possible further locations.

We have all the powers of the state (ULC BVLOS, Zone R PAŻP CTR), as well as liability insurance